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Turquoise cruise on the Turkish Riviera

The "Blue Cruise" is a typical cruise in Turkey by using a motor sailer called "Gulet" along the shores of the Mediterranean.
The route stretches from the southern and western coast between Antalya, Marmara and Bodrum. Charter guests prefer a romantic, individually arranged blue cruise far away from the flow of tourists. The area between the Saros bay (in the opposite of the Greek island of Lesbos) and the bay of Antalya is particularly recommended.

Sailing paradise Turkey

  • Mediterranean Region
  • North Aegean Region


Sailing along the Turkish Riviera offers a rich mix of amazing bays and living cities, sunny sky and unchanging wind, ancient ruins and traditional restaurants.
This diversity makes the the southern Turkish coast one of the best sailing destinations in Europe: a favorable climate, warm wind, thousands of kilometers of coastline with many natural and archaeological monuments await the travelers.

The ruins of the mausoleum in Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus - this region even offers two of the the Seven Wonders of the (Ancient) World.

  • Capital: Ankara
  • Surface: 783,562 km²
  • National holiday: October 29th
  • Airports: Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara
  • Languages: Turkish
  • Population: approximately 80 M
  • Area code: +90
  • Best travel time: May - October
  • Currency: Turkish Lira

Characteristics of Turkey

Romantic bays, culinary delights and treasures of antiquity

The Turkish Riviera and the Aegean coast are one of the most beautiful sailing regions in the world.
Along this varied coastline, where even the Taurus mountains sometimes come up on the horizon, you can find small and larger fishing villages and busy cities.

Depending on preferences and weather, sailors can individually decide whether they prefer to anchor in a peaceful bay or dock in a well-equipped modern marina or in a romantic city port. The farther south, the less the Meltemi wind blows in the summer months, providing a pleasant coolness at the sea and a clear blue sky. Because of the long summer temperatures, the clear and very clean water of the Mediterranean is so pleasant and temperate that jumping into it quickly becomes an everyday ritual.

The variety of Turkish cuisine can be found in many restaurants. A wide range of freshly caught fish, cold snacks ("mezze") as well as delicious meat dishes are being offered.

Millennial testimonies of European culture accompany sailors during their cruise. In addition to ancient monuments and ruins, medieval fortresses and castles can be seen high above the coast. Who would like to see the ancient wonders of the world of Halicarnassus and Ephesus, the ancient Troy, Pergamon or the Lycian rock tombs should plan more than one holiday on the Turkish coast.

Holiday recommendations

Admire the land of the three seas

High summer temperatures invite you to sail from bay to bay for a whole holiday, to relax comfortably on deck or on the beach and to be pampered in the evening in one of the countless restaurants with local specialties.

Whoever travels in this country between the orient and the occident, also proceeds toward a journey into a millennia-old history, which is often found only a few minutes' walk from the marina. Many ancient excavations will also attract your attention.

In the north you can find Troy, further to the south you can reach Pergamon, which was the ancient center of science and culture and the ruined cities of Ephesus, Priene and Didyma. If you head for the port city of Side between Antalya and Alanya, you'll find the remains of the Apollon Temple on its peninsula. In the town itself, the remains of a Roman theater and the foundations of a large gate of the former city walls can be admired.
The city and marina harbors offer guided tours to the ancient sites. The port cities attract with a colorful mix of tourist bazaars offering all sorts of souvenirs, bars and restaurants. In the markets, there are many fresh goods, particularly fruits and vegetables. "Flying traders" often deliver directly to the ship's side. Families with children are always delighted with the hospitality in Turkey. As a summer light wind area, the southern coast of Turkey is well suited for a relaxed family holiday under sails, in which both the parents and children will get their fill of swimming and culture.

Sailing and cruise routes

Guaranteed sun and turquoise water

From a navigational point of view, the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is one of the simpler sea areas. The distance between the individual destinations is usually low, the view due to the constant summer weather mostly good and the waters very protected.
The notorious Meltemi, which becomes in the Greek Aegean often quite dangerous, blows here in a weakened form with 3-4 Beaufort and this ensures a relaxed sailing and pleasant coolness at sea.
In coastal areas and, above all, in the case of capes and headlands, sudden fall winds should be expected. Generally, though currents and tides are very low. If you do not want to spend the night anchoring in one of the countless bays, where you can often find a beach restaurants with a small jetty for dinghies, then you can safely moor in one of the many well-developed marinas.

Weather conditions

Climate, wind and weather on the coasts of Turkey

In the months of May to October, the Turkish south coast attracts sailors with their mild, subtropical climate.
Eleven to twelve hours of sunshine per day and almost no precipitation make a trip in this region to a real (high) summer tour. It is usually slightly windy so that nothing stands in the way of a stopover in one of the many anchor bays.

Air and water temperatures at a glance (eg Belek):

January: air 15 ° - water 18 °
February: air 15 ° - water 16 °
March: air 18 ° - water 16 °
April: air 21 ° - water 17 °
May: air 25 ° - water 21 °
June: air 31 ° - water 22 °
July: air 34 ° - water 26 °
August: air 34 ° - water 28 °
September: air 31 ° - water 27 °
October: air 26 ° - water 24 °
November: 21 ° - water 21 °
December: 16 ° - water 18 °

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