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Sailing on the south-east Adriatic

Montenegro is a country bordering in the north-west with the sailing paradise Croatia, which is still recognized as an insider tip for sailors, but much recommended.
The small country Montenegro has a short coast line but offers its visitors a nature that has been untouched by human hands, gentle drooping beaches, clean sea and lakes as well as gorgeous mountains.
The Bay of Kotor (Cattaro), which resembles a fjord, is unique in this part of Europe and should be definitely visited.
Start your adventure early in the morning along the coast. Eat lunch on the shores of Lake Skadar and take a breathtaking walk in the mountains during the evening. In Montenegro you can do all of this in one day!

Sailing paradise Montenegro

  • Coastal region


Especially the bay of Kotor, which leads inland like a fjord, is suitable for a multi-day sailing trip with a guarantee of good weather and protection from the wind. But this small Balkan country can offer much more: the eponymous dark or black mountains and the mysterious karstified landscape make this small state be considered as the pearl of the Adriatic.

  • Capital: Podgorica
  • Area: 13,812 km²
  • National day: July 13
  • Airports: Podgorica, Tivat
  • Language: Montenegrin
  • Population: approximately 643,000
  • Area code: +382
  • Best travel time: from May to October
  • Currency: Euro

Unique features of Montenegro

"Off the beaten path"

If you are sailing in Montenegro, you can not miss the world-famous Kotor bay, one of the largest natural marinas in the Adriatic.

This winding fjord-like bay is almost 30 kilometers long, surrounded by high and sometimes very steep mountain slopes. The water is clear, clean and dark blue. The large bay consists of four individual basins, where the transition is usually narrow. The basins are named Herceg Novi, Tivat, Risan and Kotor. The inner two bays with the historic, impressively well-preserved harbor town of Kotor, belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. A visit to the fortress of St. Ivan and in the cathedral of St. Tryfona, where you can find world-famous icons, is a must do! You can also enjoy strong coffee in one of the many bars in the old town.

At the exit of Kotor Bay, between Prevlaka and the Lustica peninsula, lies the famous, rounded rocky island of Mamula. The conspicuous fort was built in the 19th century from k.u.k. general Lazarus of Mamula during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Then the island served as a prison during the Italian/German invasion in WW2. Today it is a popular tourist attraction. People who do not have their own boat can reach the island by ferry from the nearby harbour of Herceg Novi.

Whoever leaves the Bay of Kotor can safely moor a boat along the coast in Bigov, Budva and Bar. Especially because of the long sandy beaches, these places are very popular among tourists. The beach sections of Jaz beach, Sveti Stefan and Becici beach are increasingly frequented by tourists and very famous.

Holiday recommendations

Originality of wild landscape and ancient culture

Montenegro has ceased to be a mystery for sailors: the small Balkan state is one of the most beautiful sailing places in the Adriatic Sea. Rocky cliffs offer romantic anchorages, large sandy beaches and isolated bays. The tourism of this small Balkan country, which formerly belonged to Yugoslavia, is still developing. Modern marinas with appropriate service rooms are created. Those who prefer to be moored in a public marina, in a city harbor or on a buoy can easily visit from the boat the intriguing hundred-year-old cities with modern suburbs. You will be warmly welcomed!

A special marina for luxury yachts is being built in Porto Montenegro (Tivat) in the Kotor Bay. Especially rich guests from the region and all from all of Europe shall be attracted. Currently, about 200 berths are completed and a complex of apartments with restaurants and shops on the ground floor has been built.

Sailing routes in Montenegro

"Small neighbor" of Croatia for individualists

The marina infrastructure in Montenegro is initially underdeveloped and still developing, but yachts can easily anchor or moor at the pier in small city ports. Often even restaurants located directly on the water offer a berth for their guests. Larger marinas with their own service are available in Kotor, Tivat, Budva and Bar.

In the summer months, it is very warm in the whole region, the dominant winds are Maestral and Jugo. They provide - beside the possibility of a refreshing jump from the ship's side in the sea - for a cooling effect during the day. When Bora blows - the strong north wind - sailors should pay attention to strong currents, especially in the Bay of Kotor. At the end of the season, from the beginning of October, Bora increases its intensity!

Weather conditions

Climate, wind and weather on the coast of Montenegro

Along the Adriatic coast, the weather is typically Mediterranean, the summer months are dry, sunny and very warm.
The hottest months are July and August. In the winter months it rains often, but the temperatures remain moderate, above 10 degrees. At the beginning of autumn, there are strong winds called Bora, which cause significant cooling.

Air and water temperatures at a glance (eg Tivat):

January: air 7 ° - water 13 °
February: air 8 ° - water 12 °
March: air 12 ° - water 13 °
April: air 16 ° - water 14 °
May: air 21 ° - water 17 °
June: air 25 ° - water 21 °
July: air 27 ° - water 23 °
August: air 27 ° - water 23 °
September: air 24 ° - water 22 °
October: air 18 ° - water 21 °
November: 12 ° - water 18 °
December: 8 ° - water 15 °

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