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EMERGENSEA is a well developed network for assistance at sea. Operational area are the territorial waters of Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. This network of partner companies and their 22 bases covers the entire sea area. Properly equipped and fast operating boats with additional equipment onboard, 24-hour readiness and trained personnel make the EMERGENSEA network a reliable partner, if you need assistance at sea, delivery or assistance with various incidents and their backup. The Zadar-based call center uses the latest interactive app, which enables real-time communication and provides our members with bad weather alerts, navigation advice and other recommendations for the particular cruising area. Availability 24/7 under the number +385 996 112 112. In case of danger to life and limb, the call center will also contact the headquarters of the official search and rescue service.


The CHARTER PASS includes a range of free assistance and is suitable for anyone spending their holidays on a chartered boat. An annual membership is not required - you will only receive the membership for the duration of your holiday. The membership refers to the skipper and is valid for 7 (seven) days from the activation date. Scope of application are the coastal waters of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. When purchasing the CHARTER PASS package, the skipper will decide the date of activation, when the Emergensea support will be active and eligible for a 7-day boat stay (an extension for several weeks charter is also possible). In the case of a mission or need, there is a right to free assistance according to the terms and conditions for free services. The following free assistance at sea can be used:

- Towing up to 10 NM

- Escort of a watercraft to 10 NM

- Entrance and mooring in a marina

- easy refloating

- Divers use up to 30 minutes

- Delivery of fuel or spare parts (fuel or spare parts will be charged separately)

- Transfer of up to 2 passengers



Each of the listed services can be used once and to the extent mentioned by purchasing the charter pass. All further services are paid by the ES member, namely:

- in full according to the price list for members and for services that are not listed here, or 

- in the amount of the cost difference between the covered and the provided assistance (for example for towing above 20 nm, the member only pays for 10 sm, because 10 sm are covered by the free service package).

Billing takes place according to the price list for members. The membership price list represents a 30% discount on the official ES price list or is based on special agreements in exceptional cases. Any further assistance requested by the member during his membership will be fully charged according to the members' price list.

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