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Dolce Vita - Discover the Italian lifestyle

The characteristic feature of the Italian shoe is that it is limited only by a permanent continent in the north, north-east and north-west: in the north by Switzerland and Austria, in the north-west by France, and in the north-east by Slovenia. On the other sides Italy is completely surrounded by the sea. No wonder that the famous sailor Christopher Columbus was born in this country. In the east the Adriatic Sea stretches its natural border, in the south the waves of the Ionian and Mediterranean Sea are swaying gently in the wind.
In the west, "Bella Italia" is surrounded by Tyrrenian, Liguria and the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing paradise Italy

  • Abruzzo
  • Apulia
  • Basilicata
  • Emilia-Romagna
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia
  • Calabria
  • Campania
  • Lazio
  • Liguria
  • Lombardy
  • Marche
  • Sardinia
  • Sicilia
  • Tuscany
  • Veneto


Italy (officially Italian Republic / Italian "Repubblica Italiana", short form "Italia") is a parliamentary republic in southern Europe. Its capital is the world famous Rome. The Italian territory is mostly a part of the Apennine peninsula, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Po valley and the Southern part of the Alps. Its neighboring countries are France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The two small states, Vatican City and San Marino, are completely enclosed by the Italian territory. In addition to the large islands of Sicily and Sardinia, there are other smaller groups of islands that are upstream of the Italian boots.

  • Capital: Rome
  • Area: 301.338 km²
  • National Day: April 25, June 2
  • Airports: Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples etc.
  • Languages: Italian
  • Population approximately 60.5 M
  • Directional: +39
  • The best travel time: from May to September
  • Currency: Euro

Special features of Italy

Fantastic holiday on a yacht by the Italian sea

Italians have a lot to offer when it comes to their kitchen, mentality, but also when it comes to landscapes. Long sandy beaches, cliffs, natural harbors and small islands encourage you for a stopover. The most famous two large Mediterranean islands are Sicily and Sardinia. But also here you will find hidden coves and seclusion away from the hustle and bustle. In the west and north of Sicily, slightly smaller but equally interesting, are the islands Lipari and Egadi situated. There are also numerous small islands around Sardinia. It is worth mentioning the island of Sant'Antioco, which is connected through a bridge with Sardinia. San Pietro with its white sandy beaches and the archipelago of La Maddalena are also worht mentioning. At the coast of Lazio, you can find the Pontine Islands, an archipelago consisting of six islands. The Campania archipelago can be discovered on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Island of Capri is especially recommended for those who like it sophisticated. More to the north you can find the well known island of Elba, which is part of the archipelago Toscano. 

The Tremiti Islands are one of the only Italian islands being located in the Adriatic Sea. The Pelagie Islands, including Lampedusa and the island of Pantelleria, are placed in the south of Sicily and not that far away from Tunisia. Geologically they are already part of Africa.

Holiday recommendations

Admire the Italian coast

Italy is almost on all sides surrounded by the sea, many popular holiday places are located on the coast or near it, for example Naples, Rome or Venice.
Picturesque and diverse are the coasts of Liguria, also the Italian Riviera and the two islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Cefalu with its unique beaches is located in the north of Sicily. Along the beach, there is a view of fishermen's houses and jetties are leading directly to the water. The coastline is distinguished by a mountain range that can be seen from a distance of many kilometers.
It is also worth mentioning Cala Goloritze. It is located on the island of Sardinia and is one of the most beautiful beaches. It's best to get there by boat. An option is also to reach it by using a tourist trail, which lasts a few hours. This can be cumbersome, especially during high temperatures. The visit, however, pays off. It is worth seeing the unique blue-green range of water colors. And who knows... maybe meet a mermaid?

Sailing and cruise routes

In the footsteps of Christopher Columbus

The best time to rent a boat in Italy is from May to October. During this time, temperatures are pleasantly high and rainy days are limited. In addition, the wind is not too strong, but enough to lift the boat in the waves and to keep the crew busy. The climate of Italy is perfect to enjoy the country throughout the year.

The choice is yours, regardless whether you prefer a quiet holiday or a cruise on the sea during the summer period from July to August. Tell us your wishes and we will put together an appealing offer!

Weather conditions

Climate, wind and weather on the Italian coast

In general, the climate of Italy can be described as subtropical. However, there are clear differences in individual regions. In the north, the Alps and the Apennines limit the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. Winters are rather cold. In the cities of the Po river plain sometimes even snow is falling and it is frosty. From November to January, long periods of fog often occur. The summers are long and hot, the humidity is high. In central Italy, where the influence of the Mediterranean is greater, a winter is mild and a summer warm to hot.

In the south of Italy the temperatures are the whole year warm, here you find a typical Mediterranean climate. Autumn is long and the winters are quite moist and mild, during the day the temperature is from 10 to 15 degrees. The summer can be very hot. The temperature exceeds 40 degrees. Due to low rainfall, periods of drought are often a serious problem. In the far south and Sicily, insolation is about 2000 hours, in the central part of Italy 1700 hours and in the north around 1250 hours. A sunny country is welcoming you!

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