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Cruise for seniors

Comfort and safety

A yacht cruise can be a dream vacation for both, older and younger.

Yacht vacations are extremely diverse and exciting, everyone has their own ideas and requirements for such a cruise. That's why we've created a cruise offer for seniors.

When planning such an charter trip, we try to choose a region that guarantees stable and calm weather in the chosen travel time due to its weather conditions and waves.
In addition, we plan rather short one-day trips to be able to reach a safe port every day. Thus, we provide adequate comfort and safety.

Due to the large space and stability on the water, we recommend catamarans for a senior sailing trip.
Catamarans are comfortable and safe yachts, which make you really enjoy your vacation.

Of course, we can also book a fast motorboat or a classic sailboat for you, the choice is yours!

It's best to send your request via our contact form with the most important data (such as number
of people, planned time of travel, destination etc.) and we will prepare a suitable offer for you.

Send non-binding and free questions.

Cruise for seniors Cruise for seniors
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