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Your nautical luxury goods supplier!

Our partner LUXURY MARINE TOYS offers a big selection of luxury goods! Enjoy your sailing area from a different perspective, you will be suprised! The hereafter mentioned products are available for purchasing but not for rental. 

SEABOB – The world is your playground 

Discover the underwater world with one of the following high-performance water scooters: 


SEABOB F5 - Top speed: 14 km/h

SEABOB F5 S - Top speed 20 km/h

SEABOB F5 SR - Top speed 22 km/h



The most powerful watercraft (22km/h)!

The SEABOB F5 SR is the most powerful watercraft in the SEABOB F5 series. Its driving performance is unique. With 745 newtons, the SEABOB F5 SR’s E-Jet Power System produces a strong propulsive force. This engine power is controlled in 7 power levels. Cruise through the water at a relaxed pace in a low gear. In the higher gears, experience and feel the F5 SR’s impressive propulsion through the water. In addition to its strong engine power, the SEABOB F5 SR offers high-quality special equipment.

As a standard, it has the SEABOB cam system with two integrated cameras, a built-in storage system and a Wi-Fi transmission module. Additionally, the SEABOB F5 SR is equipped with a valuable chrome package as standard. You have the option to finish the SEABOB F5 SR with one of the surfaces from our entire color range without any extra charge. Moreover, the SEABOB F5 SR has two rear fins for driving stability. These rear fins once again improve the manoeuvrability during diving excursions and emphasise its sporty design.

Additional equipment: Quick Charger (for short charging times), SEABOB Cart (for comfortable wheeled transport of your SEABOB), SEABOB Bag (transport bag for on the way and travelling), SEABOB Rack (the secure wall and floor holding device for your SEABOB), Pilot belt (belt system to minimize fatigue in the arm muscles during sporty driving with high thrust) & SEABOB weight (Providing optimal buoyancy during professional scuba diving with your SEABOB).


Lift Foil - the eFoil experience

The eFoil lets riders experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves required. Click the following link to watch a short movie how it works, click HERE 


With the Awake Board, you can reach a top speed of up to 56 km per hour!

Specification: Top speed: 56 km/h, acceleration: 0 - 50 km/ h in 4 seconds, runtime: 40 minutes, exchangeable battery: Yes, charge time: 80 minutes, wireless throttle: Yes,
carbon fiber body: Yes, dimensions: 179x61x19 cm, weight: 35 kg

Accessories: Awake Docking Station, Awake Battery pack, Awake Board Bag, Awake Bindings, Awake Leash & Power Key


NautiBuoy – Expand your area! 

This platform-system offers the perfect option to expand your area around your yacht! Different platform sizes enable to build an individual configuration which perfectly suits to your requirements.

An additional C-Dock-system enables you to built a docking station for your SEABOBS, dinghies and other water sports equipment. 

Further extras: bathing ladder, classic & luxury seats

Grab your luxury item by clicking HERE

Your next charter holiday will definitely become an unforgettable experience!

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