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 "Teambuilding" aboard a sailing yacht is an unique experience for companies to strengthen their team spirit: 

"Everyone on board" - as you often hear the motto of teams, just like "we have to work together for the same purpose". 

Nothing is more effective than letting a team do this challenge. It is the common task to control a boat and manoeuvring it to the port of arrival, so everyone must cooperate and work as a team. It is a great way to show the team dynamics, relations between them and the common attitude, and sometimes to induce reflection and change of attitude. 

On a sailing yacht, you are forced to face adversity. You can learn how to overcome such situations together. This will affect the team's vision and goals, needs, and motivation of its members. You can learn how to support each other to overcome obstacles. Various effective methods of work and organizational psychology are being used.
One thing is certain: your team will develop and many years later you will remember this unique experience aboard a sailboat. Nobody comes back from a trip like he was leaving, as Graham Greene used to say.

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Teambuilding Teambuilding
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