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FAQ - Questions & Answers

What is 123yachtcharter.com / What do we do?
123yachtcharter.com is a website that acts as an intermediary in the field of bookings between those who want to charter and a service provider. We act as an advisor, answering charter inquiries. Simply put, with us you can easily and comfortably book your dream vacation on a yacht. We will take care of the implementation.

How does the reservation work? 
You select the chosen country or region, the type of yacht and specify the selected travel time. Enter the yacht search engine and then select one of the proposed boats. If you then click "book", just enter your details, confirm your reservation and submit your order. However, if you are not sure, you can ask for a personalized offer. We will send an offer regarding a particular yacht.

How does the payment conditions look like?
If you book a yacht with us, you have to pay 50% of the charter fee as an advanced payment immediately. By transferring this amount, the boat is reserved for you. The remaining part (rest payment) should be transferred not later than 6 weeks from the beginning of the charter. If you are booking a yacht last minute, so within a month before embarkation, then the full charter price has to be transferred at the time of your booking immediately.

What are binding extras?
These are fees that need to be paid extra. This is an obligatory amount that must be paid directly to the service provider in the base during your check-in. For example a refundable deposit.

What are optional extras?
These are optional items which can be ordered and paid on top, but they are not obligatory. The payment for optional extras must be made directly to the service provider in the base during your check-in. For example, an outboard engine on request or skipper if required.

When should you pay for obligatory and optional extras?
These fees must be paid directly to the service provider before the yacht is taken over in the charter base, so during the check-in procedure.

What is Transit Log? 
Transit Log is a obligatory payment that includes fees and taxes. The payment depends on the service provider and the place of travel. If the transit log is required by the charter company, you can find this fee as an obligatory extra during the booking process. It must be paid during the check-in, when you are taking over the yacht in the base.

Do I have to take into account additional costs? 
As part of the budget, you should include additional fees. Catering for the crew, costs for cleaning the boat, fuel costs, tourist taxes, port fees, parking fees for your car. If you need a skipper, this also means additional costs.

When will I receive my travel documents? 
As part of the booking, you will receive a temporary confirmation. After we receive your final payment, we will send you the booking confirmation and all other necessary documents for your check-in in the base.

How high are the cancellation fees?
The cancellation fee varies depending on the service provider. It's best to contact us directly. We will discuss the possible conditions.

FAQ - Questions & Answers
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