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Useful information about the perfect vacation on the yacht

We would like your holidays to be one of the perfect experiences.

That's why we've collected some important information and tips.
What should you pay attention to?
What do I have to take with me on a boat trip?
What equipment do I need?

Let's start with the general guidelines:
Do you still remember your last camping holiday? What did you take with you?

  • pocket flashlights,
  • comfortable clothes,
  • rain clothes, protecting from the wind ...

Do not worry, yachting vacation is not the same as camping holidays, but some of the equipment you need can also be useful on the boat.

Theme - clothes:
We recommend:
comfortable everyday clothes, as well as rainwear and windproofing. Swimwear, shorts,
polo shirts, etc. ...

If you like to go to supper in the evening, you will not forget about long trousers or an evening dress. Bathing sandals, comfortable, non-slip shoes with an abrasion resistant sole are also important. The choice of clothes depends of course on how your holiday was planned.

Additional equipment:
Please, do not forget about

  • bathroom accessories,
  • sun cream,
  • important medicines,
  • diving and swimming goggles are also important!

We advise you not to take large, bulky cases on board. They are difficult to store. Bags and backpacks are easier to fold and pack.

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When it comes to sailing equipment, here are two links that may interest you:

www.allesyacht.at & www.bernwieser.at.

You will find here everything for both beginners and real sea wolves.

Whoever wants to be available online during the holiday should not forget about the wireless router and set up the appropriate data plan for your operator.
In the Files for Download / Forms tab, our checklist is available for security.

Oh yes, training makes perfect.

Here is a link for learning about nodes. Believe me, you will probably need it.

Have fun during the preparations!

Good to know Good to know Good to know Good to know
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