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Whether you're on the legendary Venetian Lagoon or on one of the famous European canals, houseboat trips are truly booming! 

The great advantage of a houseboat is that you do not usually need a sailing license, which is the perfect alternative to many sailing enthusiasts, who do not have much nautical experience. A houseboat is a motor boat being used as an apartment unit and means of transport on inland waters.

Large tanks for drinking and utility water as well as other devices that provide comfort, such as roof terraces, make the quality of living on a houseboat unique.
This type of boat reaches a speed similar to an unhurried cyclist. For those who want to abandon their everyday life for a week or two, a dream vacation on a houseboat would be the perfect idea!

Our tip:
Discover European canals and water routes in your selected houseboat!

If you have any requests about a houseboats, we will be happy to advise you personally. 

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