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Sailing yacht

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A classic sailing yacht is liked by everyone.
Suitable for both, experienced sailors and beginners. People who just have little nautical background knowledge, call many types of boats a sailing yacht. The correct definition of a sailing yacht is a sailing boat having one hull and a keel that has ballast. Normally this type of yacht is between 7 and 18 meters long. There are also longer models - the longest sailing yacht in the world is 90 meters long!

Another characteristic feature of a sailing yacht is stability, which always stands in the foreground -> it almost never falls over! Even if they overturn, they will almost always rise themselves. This is because the center of gravity is located very low.

Sailing yachts have different types of a keel. Modern models are equipped with a short keel. An additional ballast is attached to achieve the appropriate weight. A classic sailing yacht is usually equipped with a long keel, which covers up to three-quarters of the length of the yacht.

Yachts differ in the number of masts and sails. They are most often equipped with one mast. Yachts with one mast are usually equipped with two sails, the main sail and the genoa. This type of sailing yacht is called sloop.
People who want to travel in a classic, stylish and sporty way should definitely charter a sailing yacht!

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Sailing yacht Sailing yacht Sailing yacht
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