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Training for skippers

Become your own skipper!

Our skipper training focuses on a training for future skippers. We prepare you for your test and for safe driving of a yacht in the best possible way!

An experienced skipper will teach you everything about sailing and the things you will need to know, such as: mooring in marinas and harbors, navigating and meteorology, anchor maneuvers, taking advantage of the wheel effect, mooring a buoy, tacking and jibbing the boat, navigation and collision regulations, safety at sea, the recognition and correct interpretation of danger signs as well as correct behavior in the case of severe weather. 

The accommodation during the training is mostly based on your training yacht so that you get familiar with the conditions on board.

Our skipper training focuses about points such as maneuvering, sailing, general information and, depending on the upcoming examinations, more specific topics. Another advantage of our training is that the skipper training can be also booked for a short trip. If you are interested in a private skipper training, we can also arrange an individual package for you. 

We're looking forward to your inquiry and will be happy to send you specific offers and availabilities.

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Training for skippers Training for skippers
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