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Balaskas Delicatessen & Catering

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Balaskas delicatessen & catering was established in 1975 and focused in the field of quality food. This partner is an expert in providing unique products on the Greek market. Panagiotis Balaskas opened the first store, which was a tavern, at Petralona during the 1930’s. His son Stefanos Balaskas opened additional stores and increased the family business. Nowadays, the 3rd generation came along and our partner continues to provide the best quality food.

The basic elements of our partners company are teamwork and integrity. Most of all Balaskas delicatessen & catering runs thoroughly audits every day and collaborates with all major, well-known and top quality suppliers. As a result our partner is able to provide the best ratio of quality & price. Balaskas delicatessen & caterings main goal is to provide the customers with joy and pleasure. Many years of service in the yacht supplies made them experts in quality and distribution and they know exactly what your needs are.

Balaskas provides a costumer transportation service with a new vehicle fleet of 4 minivans and 12 trucks.
The great location of theirs stores give them the opportunity to provide 24/7 service to all marinas located in the region of Athens.

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Have fun tasting! Your grocery delivery will already be on board when you check-in with our partner. Your provisions will be timed with you so that there are no delays on site!

Balaskas Delicatessen & Catering
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